Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the airways and affects 350 million people around the world. X-halo allows asthmatics to monitor the inflammation in their airways in real time, giving them timely information to recognise triggers and avoid exacerbations through systematic use of medications to reduce airway inflammation. Some of our more than 170 peer reviewed clinical publications can be found below:

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Development of an Individual Device for EBT Measurement_IEEE Sensors J 2010
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Measurement of exhaled breath temperature in science and clinical practice_Breathe 2012
0.23 mb
Vermeulen 2014 EBT in children
0.24 mb
Towards an integrated approach to asthma therapy
0.07 mb
The many faces of asthma
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The added value of exhaled breath temperature in respiratory medicine 12 04 17
0.50 mb
Telemedicine asthma control TPopov 06 15
0.07 mb
Svensson Respiration 2014
0.56 mb
Repetibildad de la medici¢n de la temperatura de aire exhalado en sanos y asm†ticos (Abstr)_SEPAR 2011
0.07 mb
Relationship between Exhaled Air Temperature and Exhaled Nitric Oxide in Childhood Asthma
0.07 mb
Performance Characteristics of a New Device for Assessment of Asthmatic Inflammation by Measurement of Exhaled Breath Temperature, the Dunev Thermometer
0.78 mb
Ped Res Review 2013 - Exhaled nitric oxide and other exhaled biomarkers in bronchial challenge with exercise in asthmatic children - current knowledge - Barreto et al
0.28 mb
Paredi AJRCCM 2002
0.07 mb
LtE PedPul TPopov pr cl 20 07 15
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LtE IntJTbcLDis 22 07 13
0.07 mb
Increased EBT in uncontrolled A IntJTubLungDis 06 13 06
0.25 mb
Hamill_et_al-Pediatric_Pulmonology resonse LtE
0.02 mb
Hamill_et_al-Pediatric_Pulmonology e 01 15
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FOSSI-2 abstract ERS final 15 05 12[1]
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0.86 mb
Exhaled Breath Temperature Measurement made Easy
0.08 mb
Exhaled breath temperature in school children (unpubl)_2011
0.05 mb
Exhaled Breath Temperature as a Marker of Airway Remodelling in asthma- a prelimary study
0.07 mb
EBT timecourse omalizumab Th Abs ERS 16 IN
0.01 mb
Breath of hot air IntJTubLungDis 06 13
0.15 mb
Barreto 2014 Tidal breathing measurement of EBT
0.11 mb
Abs FrEBT JACI 135 04 15
0.03 mb
AAAAI Houston paper
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Transition to extra-fine formulation of inhaled beclomethasone-fomoterol improves clinical and.....ERJ 2010; 36-Suppl. 54, 832s
0.24 mb
Changes in exhaled breath temperature, before, during and after pollen season. Allergy 2011; 66, Suppl. S94, 354s.
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