Below are articles that are linked to airways diseases:

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Use of filters to protect spirometry sensors_Eds_05
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Suitability of FEV1, FVC vs _ Pred FEV1 for classif_n severe asthma
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Standard_n of spirometry, ATS-ERS Taskforce_2005
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Spirometry Utilization for COPD. How do we measure up_Chest_2007
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Spirometry and PEF monitoring on elderly respiratory pts_ERJ_2003
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Reference Ranges for Spirometry Across All Ages_AJRCCM 2008
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RCT of PEF vs Symptoms in mgmt of asthma
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Primary care spirometry_ERJ_2008
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PEF monitoring in older asthma pts_Eds_06
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PEF for guided self-mgmt of childhood asthma_AJRCCM_04
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Office Spirometry for Lung Health Assessment_Chest 2000
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MDI _ PF Meter use in children_Abs_03
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Lung function in adults with stable but severe asthma- air trapping and incomplete reversal.....J Appl Physiol 2008
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Flow-type spirometry problems that elevate results_Chest_04
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Effort-independent pulmonary function testing_Rinsho Byori 2003
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Effects of equipment _ technique on PEF measurem_t_06
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Correlat_n of Capno _ PEF in ER mgmt of asthma
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Clinical eval_n of pneumotach screen as in-line filter_ERS_07
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Use of eNO to guide Tx in chronic asthma__05
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Use of eNO to guide asthma mgmt (RCT)_Am J Respir Crit Care Med_2007
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The use of FeNO in Pulm Practice_Chest__08
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Technq to characterize prox _ periph NO exchg w constant flow
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Tailored Tx based on FeNO vs Clinical Symptoms_Ab
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Spiro _ eNO in predict exacerb_n of asthma_06
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Selective Inducible NO Synthase Inhibition has no effect on Allergen Challenge in Asthma
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Repeatability NIOX MINO measurements RespRes 09 10
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Reference values for eNO (reveno) study_Resp Research_2007
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